Video #1: Brooks-Davis First Promotional Video

The video below was completed a few months prior to Teddy’s transition in 2014. Video Update 2017: We are excited to announce that Dr. Drexell Boggs is currently on faculty at the University of Alabama (UAB) and has been approved to begin the pilot study to examine the Safety and Efficacy of Glyburide as Prophylaxis Against Cerebral Edema in Patients Receiving Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases. The pilot study will enroll 10 patients.

Video Thanks:
Thank you Mr. Jamar Jones with Six Point Pictures for directing and producing this phenomenal promotional video. Special thanks is extended to the video participants Drexell “Hunter” Boggs, MD, Edward Sausville, MD, PhD, FACP, William F. Regine, MD, Martha Francis, CRNP, AOCNP, J. Marc Simard, M.D., Ph.D and Kevin Jackson of Night Flight Recording Studios for sharing your expertise with everyone who will view this video. This promotional video would not have happened without your support!