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On September 3, 2011…

Teddy and I were married in a beautiful ceremony in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Three months later on December 12, 2011 I arrived home after work to find Teddy unconscious an hour after speaking with him via FaceTime. After spending several days in the hospital and undergoing a series of tests Teddy and I received the brain tumor diagnosis. Following much prayer, research and a second opinion Teddy decided to undergo treatment at the University of Maryland Medical Center located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Teddy’s brain cancer treatment began with the initial surgery on December 20, 2011 followed by 6 1/2 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.  Over the course of three years Teddy underwent eight surgeries and multiple hospitalizations. During that time God allowed us to meet some extraordinary people and together we bonded as patients and caregivers to defeat cancer regardless of the type or stage.

The love Teddy and I shared was a blessing from God. After three months of marriage we were reminded of the scripture verses read during our wedding ceremony which state in part, love…always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. I Corinthians 13:7-8.

In all we endured together God provided us with many lessons. Some are private and others are for sharing to bless others. What we knew before and were reminded of throughout the journey is the importance of trusting God at all times and with everything. On Friday, July 11, 2014 God’s grace, mercy and love for us allowed Teddy and I to say our farewell’s before he transitioned. While listening to his favorite gospel song Teddy squeezed my hand, smiled and took flight.

By sharing our story, I hope in some way it will both inspire and encourage the many patients and caregivers facing this horrible disease. Whatever time you have on this earth choose love…choose life…choose to inspire someone else along the way and you will discover that your purpose and destiny is far greater than your present circumstance.


About Teddy

In addition to being a loving husband and father Teddy was an accomplished mix engineer, musician and studio manager.


Raise brain cancer awareness.


Contribute to underrepresented areas of brain cancer research.


Host one enrichment activity or event for couples diagnosed with cancer or any terminal illness within the first three years of marriage.


Donate teddy bears to children in the hospital during the Christmas holiday.

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