Brooks-Davis IBCA Couples’ Enrichment Weekend

“While we were celebrating life, Teddy and I observed many couples become overwhelmed by the diagnosis, hospital stay, bills and family demands, which often meant there was no time or energy left for them to focus on themselves, let alone their relationship.  When we discussed the goals of the Institute we knew helping couples reconnect would be one of the goals; “we wanted other couples to be intentional about experiencing joy in the midst of the storm.” – Co-Founder, Dr. D. Fredrica Brooks-Davis

Goal: Provide couples diagnosed with a terminal illness within the first three years of marriage with the opportunity to reconnect as a couple.

Because of the generosity of our donors and those who supported the 2017 Benefit Concert, the Brooks-Davis IBCA will host the inaugural Couples’ Enrichment Weekend in 2018.  We are in the process of recruiting couples who are eligible to participate.  If you or someone you know meets the criteria please send an email to

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